Virginia Nutter

Weekly Summary Sheet for

First Grade

November 20, 2017


Homework is sent each night in the folder and planner.  Please do in pencil and return the next day.  Remember to sign the planner each night. 


*We will not start a new set of Fry words next week due to time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will spend time reviewing old vocabulary words and short vowel patterns


Please review the Fry word rings at home.  Students who did not receive rings did not miss any of the 2nd fifty Fry words. 


Math:  Students will learn about fractional parts and estimation.  We will review addition and subtraction skills as well as number patterns throughout the school year.


Handwriting:  Students will learn to use correct strokes when forming letters.  Please use your best handwriting when completing homework.


Social Studies:    Students will study local government. (SOL 1.1)  

Science:  We will begin a unit on animal behavior and characteristics. (SOL 1.5) 


Other:  December and Winter Crafts:  We could use volunteers!   Thanks for signing up.  Remember that Book-It is due on December 1, 2017


* I love the month of November.   I am very thankful for all of the blessings in my life, especially my wonderful students!  Have a great Thanksgiving!