Virginia Nutter

Weekly Summary Sheet for

First Grade

May 1, 2017


Homework is sent each night in the folder and planner.  Please do in pencil and return the next day.


Reading:  We will have MAP computerized testing and PALs testing this week.  We will also finish up the last two stories in the book.  Then we will review vocabulary and phonics skills. I plant to give short comprehension passages for grades this week.  We will practice doing this before doing a graded passage.


Spelling:  Students will review blends and long vowel sounds.


Math:  We will continue our units on shapes and patterns.  We will also practice addition and subtraction facts to 18. 


Handwriting:  Students will learn to use correct strokes when forming letters.  Please use your best handwriting when completing homework.


Science: Students will learn about matter and mixtures.  This is a short unit for us.


Social Studies:  Students will learn about map skills.  I plan to give a test on Friday.


Other:  Please check the folder each night for notes and forms.  The end of this school year will be very busy.