Virginia Nutter




Weekly Summary Sheet for

First Grade


February 27, 2017

Homework is sent each night in the folder and planner.  Please do in pencil and return the next day.

Reading:  Level 5 Reading story is “Amazing Animals”   page 44

Study and be able to read vocabulary words:  baby,   begins,   eight,   fur,   follow,  learning,   until,   years,   young,   hurt

Tests are Friday.

Spelling:  bird,   girl,   sir,   stir,   third,   her,   fern,   fur,   hurt,   turn

  *****These words are very difficult so please continue to study each night.

Dictation sentence:  The  girl  sees  her  bird on the fern.

Spelling test is Thursday.

Math:  Students will continue counting collections of dimes, nickels, and pennies.  I plan to give money test on Monday, March 6th.  We will begin a unit on telling time to the hour and half hour.


Writing: We are working on making correct strokes, using correct punctuation, and using correct spacing. We are also working on organizing our thoughts when writing, focusing on one topic, and adding descriptive words to our writing.

Social Studies:  Students will learn about the contributions of Benjamin Franklin.  He was a writer, inventor, and scientist.  He proved that electricity existed in lightning with his kite experiment.  Benjamin Franklin started the first lending library and volunteer fire department in the United States.  He also invented bifocal glasses and the Franklin wood stove. 

Science:  We will begin learning about natural resources.

Other:   Book-It reports are due on Tuesday.  I will send the March report form next week.   Students will participate in the March PTO program on March 9th.  The end of the grading period will be on March 10th with an early dismissal that day.